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Prosciutto di San Daniele Cinderella Squash Triangolini


This delicious fresh pasta recipe from Canadian Chef Victor Barry features Cinderella squash, named for its resemblance to the coach in a certain fairy tale. 


For the whipped ricotta:

 1 16 oz. container fresh ricotta

      3 tablespoons olive oil

     ½ teaspoon salt

      2 teaspoons ground nutmeg


For the Cinderella squash filling:

    ¼ cup olive oil

     1 onion

     2 cloves of garlic

     2 teaspoons ground nutmeg   

     ½ cup sherry vinegar
      2 allspice berries

      4 whole cloves

      1 medium Cinderella squash

         Salt to taste.

For the pasta dough

¾ cups  “00” flour*

  20 extra large egg yolks

    1 teaspoon salt   

    2 tablespoons grated Grana Padano

    2 tablespoons melted butter


For plating:

12 slices of Prosciutto di San Daniele

  6 tablespoons grated Grana Padano

   6 Amaretti cookies


Make the whipped ricotta:

Place ricotta, olive oil, salt and nutmeg in a food processor and blend until emulsified and smooth.


Make the Cinderella squash filling:

Set the oven to 350F. Cut the squash in 1/8 wedges and clean out the seeds. Roast the squash until it is cooked through. Reduce the temperature to 200F and cook the squash for another 30 minutes to dry it out. Remove the squash from the oven and leave out to cool.


In a wide pot, heat the olive oil. Sweat the onion and garlic with the nutmeg, allspice and cloves until soft.


When the squash has cooled, remove the skin. In a food processor, combine the squash with the onion, garlic and spice mixture, sherry vinegar and whipped ricotta mixture. Process until smooth.


Make the pasta:

Pour the flour, egg yolks, salt, and 2 tablespoons Grana Padano into a stand mixer bowl. Using the kneader attachment, knead for 25 minutes. Remove the dough from the mixer and knead by hand to form a ball. Wrap and allow to cool for a 1 hour in the fridge.


With a rolling pin, roll the dough out until it is thin enough to put through a pasta machine at the widest setting. Pass the dough through the machine, then fold onto itself in three parts. Flour the pasta between each rolling. Roll the pasta out again with the rolling pin until it is thin enough to pass through the machine at the next thinnest setting. Continue to pass the dough through the machine, flouring between each rolling, until you have reached the thinnest setting.

Cut the dough into squares, 2¾ inches x 2¾ inches. Add a 1 tablespoon of squash filling in the middle. Wet all sides of the square and fold into a triangle.


In a pot of salted boiling water, cook the pasta for 3 minutes. Pour the pasta out into a tray and sprinkle with Grana Padano.


Make the brown butter:

Melt the butter in a pan. When the butter is fully melted and begins to froth, start whisking. Make sure the whisk touches the bottom of the pan to ensure the milk particles do not stick and burn. You are finished when you smell a nutty aroma and the milk particles in the butter have turned golden-brown. Pour the brown butter over the pasta.


For plating:

In a hot pan with a little oil, cook the Prosciutto di San Daniele until crispy.


Place 6 pieces of Tagliolini on each plate. Arrange two slices of crispy Prosciutto di San Daniele on top. Scoop up any remaining brown butter from the tray and pour over the pasta.


Sprinkle Grana Padano and a crushed amaretti cookie over the pasta.


Makes 6 servings.

* Chef Barry says: Take the time to source out 00 flour as it will make a significant difference in taste.

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