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White Bean Soup with Prosciutto di San Daniele
and Grana Padano


Enjoy this hearty, satisfying soup from Canadian Chef Victor Barry.


For the Chicken Stock:

 1 whole chicken

 8 litres of water

For the Sofrito:

 4 pieces of garlic

 1 piece of onion 

 2 cups of olive oil

For the White Bean Soup:

  1 Cup Sofrito

10 cups white chicken stock

 ½ bunch Tuscan kale

  3 cups Prosciutto di San Daniele 

  2 cups white beans

 1 tablespoon ground black pepper

 1 pinch ground cloves

 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

 3 tablespoons ground mustard

For plating:

 2 tbsp Grana Padano 
 1 tbsp grated Grana Padano 
 1 tbsp chopped chives 



Make the chicken stock: 

Boil the chicken for 45 minutes. Be sure to skim the top off the liquid while it’s coming up to a boil to remove any foam. Chef's note: Save the chicken meat to make chicken sandwiches.


Make the Sofrito:

Chop the garlic. Dice the onions. Pour into a pot with the chicken broth, and bring it all up to a low simmer. Cook out until the onions are soft.

Make the soup:

Cut the Prosciutto di San Daniele into batonettes (similar to a matchstick but slightly thicker). Remove the stem from the kale and cut it into smaller pieces. Place everything in the pressure cooker and cook for 20 minutes. 


Pour 2 cups of white bean soup into a bowl, finish with the Grana Padano and chives on top.


Makes 6 servings

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